How to Grow Vegetables at Home

To grow any plant at home whether it is vegetable or flower you need to give plants some essential things like Grow light, Fertilizers, Water, etc. let’s discuss each one in detail.

Grow Light:

This is the most important thing that every plant on earth needs the most. You cannot grow plants without good amount of light. The reason is plants absorb light to produce their food. If you try to grow a plant without sunlight you cannot grow it. But as we all know nowadays people grow unseasonal food at any time of the year. This is only possible when you have a good source of light. In the absence of sunlight, you can use artificial manmade grow lights. There are many types of grow light in the field. I know it is hard to choose a grow light when you are new to indoor gardening.

LED grow lights in Canada are a famous type of grow lights that 95% of growers use to grow plants.


Fertilizers are the most important thing for plants after sunlight and water. We humans also need vitamins and minerals to live a long life. Plants also need fertilizers to grow, these are types of vitamins and minerals for plants. Fertilizers are of two types

Liquid Fertilizers

Powdered Fertilizers

Liquid Fertilizers: These fertilizers are best for hydroponic systems. These are indoor growing systems that use nutrient-rich water instead of soil. Plants get all the essential nutrients from the water and growers use liquid fertilizers to make nutrient-rich solutions for plants at home.

Moreover, liquid fertilizers are good for container plants. When you give liquid fertilizers to plants that you grow in pots they thrive in a few days. This process speeds up the growth of plants.

Before choosing a liquid fertilizer, you need to know about them. Liquid fertilizers are highly concentrated fertilizers. You cannot use them as it is. Read the instruction first and then mix a few ounces of liquid nutrients into the water to dilute it.

Powdered Fertilizers: You cannot use powdered fertilizers in hydroponic systems because this can clog the hydro pipes. These fertilizers are only for those plants that you grow in soil. Powdered fertilizers are best for soil-grown plants only. They are slower than liquid fertilizers. For example, while growing potatoes indoors you should use powdered fertilizers. because potatoes need soil to grow and these fertilizers are good for potatoes.

Note: For outdoor gardening always use powdered fertilizers and for indoor gardening use liquid fertilizers.

Water: Water is the most essential thing after sunlight for a plant. We humans cannot live without water so as the plants. Give your plants a good amount of water and you will get beautiful healthy plants. But you need to learn how to water plants that are growing inside the home or outside the home. Indoor plants always need less water as compare to the outside plants. Because in open fields the water gets vaporized due to the sunlight. In summers plants need more than winter.

Together these three develop a seedling into the healthy plant. Always give good care to your vegetables because you grow them to eat. When you grow vegetables for your loved ones do not use synthetic fertilizers. Synthetic fertilizers are deadly for the human immune system.

Please use organic fertilizers to grow vegetables at home for you and for your family.